What are Haptic Zones?

Haptic Zones® are specified areas located on the touch screen camera interface programmed to respond to specific preset actions. Multiple-Haptic Zones Technology allows preset actions that can change from one haptic zone to another in real-time during the recording process of a photo or video recording or post-recording during the video or image preview. These actions are video, photo, sounds, holograms, augmented reality filters, lenses, objects, sounds, and images, etc. Your finger placement on the mobile device touch screen triggers an action located within a specific haptic zone.In the image, the user is holding the top right side of the screen display in order to initiate a video recording. During the recording, a solid colored border is displayed to indicate the recording is in process.

Preset Your Favorite AR Filters

By tapping different haptic zones, the zone may be preset with filters, effects, and animations that may allow the user to customize their real-time video recording.

Multi-Haptic Zones Technology

Multi-Haptic Zones Technology allows users to assign augmented reality filters, objects, holograms, and sounds, other visual effects to specific haptic zones.

Real-Time AR Modification

Haptic Zones Technology allows users to modify their augmented reality objects and filters in real-time as well as post-recording, on a user preview page.

Intellectual Property

You Build Your Vision

Haptic Zones is capable of being integrated into software or hardware. Our licensing program is designed to allow creative freedom and versatility for licensees. You build your vision, we provide you the intellectual property to do so. Partners are able to leverage our patented intellectual property to build or innovative software or hardware technological solutions. For example, a semiconductor partner may leverage our IP to develop hardware for its newest chip. This chip may be installed and embedded into a smartphone, tablet, reflective, glass, or clear surface, screen, or monitor displays.

Bringing New Camera Technologies to Life

Haptic Zones may be found integrated into a variety of products of the future around the globe, from social media applications, consumer electronics to law enforcement, medical imaging, automotive, gas & oil, defense, and aerospace technology. Haptic Zones IP allows for engineers and developers to have great flexibility over product development and bring new technologies to life.

Let's Partner!

Haptic Zones is capable of being configured according to the needs of the administrator; therefore, no limits exist for product innovators and developers. As an example, consumers using a mobile phone manufacturer camera could now simply hold anywhere on their device screens to record a video (regardless if a shutter button exists or not), instead of being required to tap or hold a shutter button. We look to partner with the best and the brightest software and hardware developers and engineers, startups, Fortune 500 corporations from a variety of industries to bring new groundbreaking technological solutions to the market.

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